Backpack-Green Battery Power "School Humor"


  • $55.00

This hip and witty Green and black backpack have a battery indicator to compare the energy of the first day of school to the energy from the remaining days. This unique metaphoric backpack was designed with light humor in mind. This exclusive product is a BeTheLight original and we prohibit mass production on all BeTheLight designs. All products are unique; get yours today!  

All BeTheLight backpacks are designed and carefully mapped out from scratch. We strategically analyze font, color, patterns, style, graphics, sizing, punctuation and all details associated with creating unique designs. Our comprehensive creative process was designed to produce original one-of-a-kind products that our customers genuinely enjoy.


What Does My order Include?
1 Fully Designed Black and White Synthetic Leather Backpack

Product Description:
100% Polly Synthetic leather Body
Chocolate brown lining
Inside pockets
Padded back

Size Options
Small (W4.13, L10, H11) $45.00
Medium (W4.48, L10, H13) $50.00
Large (W5,L13,H15) $55.00

Please allow 1-3 business days for production and 3-7 business days for shipping to ensure quality as these are made to order.

IMPORTANT: At the time of your order it's important to communicate any time-sensitive dates or expedited shipping requests with us in the 'notes to seller' section. If we are unable to accommodate you preferred
receive date; we will notify you immediately.

-The product does not include photo props. They are solely for inspiration.
-Computer screens vary in the way they display colors & colors can vary from Computer Screen to Print.

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BeTheLightCo. reserves all rights. Commercial use of BeTheLightCo designs is strictly prohibited. Copying, reproducing, transmitting, distributing and commercial use of BeTheLight products in any way is forbidden. Furthermore, presenting BeTheLightCo.’s designs/products for consideration of reproduction or commercial use is strictly prohibited without proper licensing or written consent from BeTheLightCo and all affiliates.

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