What are printable and digital files?

Printables come in all forms ranging from wall art, templates, greeting cards, calendars, stickers, stamps, business cards, stationery, and an endless list of products that can be digitally designed, created, shared and printed.

What makes printables different from printing my own photos from online?

Your preferred image and all of its intricate details look awesome online which often tempts many of us (including myself at one point) to try printing them on our own. However, your results are only as good as the quality of the photo you are printing. Most online sources do not require high-resolution photos for online use; therefore, producing a high quality ‘printable’ image isn’t a priority. Printables are carefully laid out and sized solely to create professional prints with an image quality for 300dpi. Properly proportioned printables with high resolution make it possible to convert a regular 8.5x11 photo into large intricate wall art. If you’re interested in purchasing printables its extremely important for your designer to have co

How do I print a digital file?

In most cases, we provide PDF and JPEG files, they print just like any picture would print. Below are your printing options. PRINT AT HOME Printing at home is ideal for your basic 8.5x11 inches or smaller -White card stock paper or photo paper are ideal for standard non-customary prints.

Note: Be The Light Co. isn’t responsible for any quality related issues between you and your preferred print shop. By opting out of our print and ship service; we are no longer liable for print related issues. However, we are more than happy to assist with sizing, and proportion related corrections.

Can I provide an additional email address(s) to receive my digital products?

Your fully packaged final download holds a finished product along with substantial components of your design. In an effort to protect your print’s unique and exclusive charm; there are measures we take to safeguard our products from unlawful distribution and mass production. As a result; BeTheLight will only distribute final products to one email address per order. Requests to have packages sent to a separate email from what was originally disclosed requires a separate order.

Am I able to receive physical products as well?

Yes. All digital files have the option to be purchased as physical items.